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What Causes Acne

What Causes Acne?

What Causes Acne? You may have heard it said that no one really knows what causes acne. While causes of acne may be individualized to an extent, some actual causes can be identified. It depends a bit on the type of acne you experience, your age, and your lifestyle. Here […]

nutritional tips

Nutritional Tips for Managing Acne

Nutritional Tips for Managing Acne While the old adage that “eating chocolate gives you zits” is considered out-of-date, new evidence indicates that your diet does play a role in the health of your skin. If you are suffering from acne or someone in your family is having trouble with it, […]


Acne: Not Just a Teenage Problem

Acne: Not Just a Teenage Problem Some dermatologists have noticed an increase in the incidence of adult acne. And newborn babies can also develop it. While teens are still subject to this skin problem, they are definitely not the only demographic to experience this problem. Acne forms as a result […]

Treatments for Acne

Natural Treatment for Acne

Natural Treatments for Acne For some acne sufferers looking for a treatment for Acne, it feels like you’ve done everything the doctor says and you still don’t see results. Maybe you have tried multiple prescription medications or tried lots of different topical treatments, and you still have more pimples than […]